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OT Player Sports Shower Equipment

Whether you’re gearing up for an intense workout session or you’re itching to remove the dirt and grime from a hard days work, OT Player Sports Shower Equipment are essential grooming products for men with game on and off the field.

Keeping on top of your game is all about feeling confident, and what better way to do so than starting with the freshest, most re-energizing men’s bathroom products on the market.

With bold branding and a subtle, yet commanding fragrance, our products have been specially designed to keep your body clean and refreshed so you can put your best foot forward every time, without having to worry about unsavory smells and unsightly sweat marks.

The complete OT Player range includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and hair wax. Each item can be bought separately or as part of a bundle with serious discounts, and you’ll find our products available at most leading supermarkets and drug stores.

The daily grind of modern day life now demands more than ever, and this also applies to your daily hygiene routine. But no matter what activities you’re into, OT Player’s body slam sports wash will not only cleanse the body, it will leave you feeling like a million bucks all day long.


Join The Party With OT Player

As a lifestyle brand, we don’t simply want to sell our products to our customers, we want to part of movement. With each generation trends change, evolve and come full circle, but with each passing of the guard, we’ll be staying true to our name, and will always remain an OT Player!

We visit many sporting events, festivals and markets with our energetic team. During these events we offer free samples and huge discounts on our products across the board. But as well as the freebies and bargains, we’ll be looking to have some fun!

So if you’re attending one of the many events in the area, then look out for our uniquely branded printed marquees and come join the fun. As well as offering free samples of products, we’ll be having a blast!